Week 8: Jesus Heals the Deaf Man

We’ve heard so many instances of Jesus healing people up until this point, but there’s something different about this instance of healing.

Week 7: Jesus Walks on Water

In this scripture, before the disciples witness this miracle, you see a God who sees and cares for His children.

Week 6: Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand

Just prior to these verses, Jesus was hatefully run out of his hometown, lost his beloved cousin to a brutal beheading, and was hungry and exhausted.

Week 5: Jesus Heals the Bleeding Woman

Read: Mark 5:25–34 Reflect: I wonder how she felt as she left to find him. Was she hopeful? Still in despair? Did she feel like a fool for trying again? The woman in Mark 5:25–34 was suffering physically (she had been bleeding for 12 years), financially (she spent all of her money on doctors), and […]