Week 12: A Borrowed Colt

Read: Mark 11:1–10

Reflect:  He chose a simple, borrowed donkey. Jesus, the King of the world, used a donkey for His entrance into Jerusalem. Perhaps he could have used anything…..something more majestic for a King? But just as Mary, who carried the tiny King Jesus in her womb, rode into Bethlehem on a donkey, Jesus did the same on the road to Calvary. There are no coincidences to this divine plan, as Jesus’ entrance and exit from Earth involved a donkey. Chosen on purpose to symbolize the humility, humanness, and simplicity of our Lord. And as a sign of peace. 

This wasn’t just any donkey, though. In Mark 11:2, Jesus says….”Go to the village ahead of you, and just as you enter it, you will find a colt tied there, which no one has ever ridden. Untie it and bring it here.” 

You see, this donkey had never been ridden. 

It was a colt that had to be untied…..released. 

One that had to be tamed….shepherded. 

In the end, this donkey probably felt more at ease….more at PEACE…after Jesus freed him.  

Nevertheless, who better for the undertaking of this donkey than Jesus? The better question? Who better than Jesus to do it for us? Oh, the irony between this seemingly small detail in Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem and our own lives. You see when we hold tight to the burdens that bind us up, we are prevented from being freed and guided by the One who made us….the One who died for us. We are unable to see clearly and fully receive the peace, grace, and love that is freely given to us.  And ultimately, we miss the gift of salvation. 

Maybe there’s not much difference between us and that simple, borrowed donkey. 

Next Step: Look for peace this week in the simplest of things. Let that peace fill you so you can start releasing a burden that you carry….you weren’t made to bear it anyway. Allow Jesus to break that chain and shepherd your heart so you can be filled with the peace that only comes from Him. Reflect on the humble King Jesus purposely choosing to borrow and ride a donkey. He was all-knowing of his power and fate, yet He decided on a plain, unsophisticated donkey for that very important journey. Even still, Jesus knew that the donkey was worthy. Can’t you just envision Jesus breathing life into that colt, gently climbing upon its back and speaking life over it all along that dusty road? Let that sink in……that freed and redeemed donkey carried the Messiah! Likewise, may you allow Jesus to carry you so you can travel light on your Earthly journey that gloriously ends in Heaven with Him. 

Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for being human and humble. You borrowed a donkey, released him, and shepherded him so he could be used in a big way. In the same way, help me trust your plan for my life. Help me to turn loose the chains that keep me from being guided by You and Your example. Usher me into your peace and use me and my life for your glory.

Jaime Deeb
Preschool Director

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