Week 11: Blind Bartimaeus Receives His Sight

Read: Mark 10:46-52

Reflect: Bartimaeus provides us with a great example of how we can approach Jesus in our own lives through prayer! First, notice his persistence and his energy! Even in the face of opposition or those who would discourage him, he persistently seeks out Jesus. Second, notice his answer when Jesus asks him, “What do you want me to do for you”? Bartimeus knows exactly what he needs from Jesus: mercy. His prayer moves from a general request to a specific one: “I want to see.”

On Sunday mornings, I often ask students in their small groups for any prayer requests they might have. If I had a dollar for every time one of them said, “I’m good. I don’t think I need prayer for anything,” it would be a big chunk of change! How often do we find ourselves praying to God without specific requests? Charles Spurgeon once said:

“Rest assured that those are the best prayers in all respects, if they be earnest and sincere, which go most directly to the point. You know there is a way of praying in the closet, and praying in the family, in which you do not ask for anything. You say a great many good things, introduce much of your own experience, review the doctrines of grace very thoughtfully, but you do not ask for anything in particular. Such prayer is always uninteresting to listen to, and I think it must be rather tedious to those who offer it.” -Spurgeon

How different would our prayer lives be if we went to God in prayer with specific prayers full of the same persistence and determination as Bartimaeus?

Jesus answers Bartimaeus’s request and tells him his faith makes him well. It is faith that makes him determined to reach Jesus, it is faith that helps him humbly approach Jesus and submit to him, it is because of faith that he can tell Jesus what he wants, and it is ultimately faith that prompts him to follow Jesus.

Next Step: What do you need to ask for from God? What specific prayers can you approach God with this week? I want to challenge you to pray some persistent, specific prayers this week!

Pray: God, help me approach you with energy and persistence this week. Thank you for receiving my prayers with grace and kindness. Amen.

Raymond Frank
Generations Teaching Director

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