Week 4: Jesus Heals a Demon Possessed Man

Read: Mark 5:1–20

Reflect: After reading Mark 5, you may wonder, like I was, what I can learn from a demon-possessed man. At first glance, this account might seem outdated and irrelevant, but is it? Once I looked closer, the layers started to peel back. We witness Jesus embarking on a journey across the Sea of Galilee for a singular reason – to heal one tormented individual. He came for the unhelpable, dirty, barely tolerated, possessed town outcast. While being the town’s disgrace may not resonate with you, I know what does. Am I important to Jesus? Does he pursue me?

Let’s peel back a few more layers. 

Just as chains and demons bound the man, we might carry chains of our past, addictions, or fears. Now, consider the man’s isolation as he lived alone by the tombs. In our brokenness, we may feel isolated, distant from others, or far from God. Do you notice the compassion Jesus shows to the tormented man? Our brokenness does not repel our Savior; instead, He draws near to us, ready to bring healing and restoration.

After the man is healed and his sanity restored, he begs to go with Jesus (Mark 5:18–20). Jesus denies his request. Not because the man isn’t good enough but because his testimony would transform the lives of those living in Decapolis. Despite his dark past, after one encounter with Jesus, the man was qualified for evangelism. 

If you’ve ever questioned your importance to Jesus or the impact of your testimony, remember the demon-possessed man. His account reminds us that each of us matters to the Savior who journeys across the seas to bring healing, redemption, and the assurance that we are known and pursued. Remember that your faith in Jesus qualifies you to impact lives. 

Next Step: I encourage you to read Mark 5 a few more times this week. Keep peeling back those layers because there is even more in the text I didn’t mention. Pay attention to how the townspeople responded to Jesus. Are you open to the discomfort that comes with God’s transformative work in our lives?

What’s holding you back from sharing your story, your testimony? Are you waiting to be a better Christian, get it more together, or have a greater understanding of the Bible before you wade into being more public with your faith?

Pray: Thank You, Lord, for the assurance that each of us matters to You. In moments of doubt, may the story of the demon-possessed man remind us of Your relentless pursuit, love, and desire to bring healing and redemption to our lives. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Andi Pirtle
Multi-Church Communications Director

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