Helping you to fully follow Jesus.

Sundays at 9:00 & 11:00 a.m. 

Ladies, join us at The Well Conference!


There are a lot of great churches in our area. What makes Local different?

We want you to genuinely experience authenticity in worship and be a part of a church family that is growing closer to Jesus. This is truly who we want to be. Our approach involves Biblical teaching, engagement in our local community, genuine worship, and access to unique next steps.


At Local Church, our Mission is To Lead People to Fully Follow Jesus.


We provide safe environments for kids to fall in love with Jesus and the church; it's not childcare.


We partner with parents and caregivers as students take next steps to fully follow Jesus; with the help of equipped and empowered volunteers.


Attending church on Sunday morning is the first step, but you don't have to stop there. Maybe you want to join a Bible study, start volunteering, or get baptized. What is your next step?

The Well Gathering

A place where women experience God's presence, enhance their Bible knowledge, and build a supportive community with one another.

Next Steps

Fully following Jesus requires us to say yes to new things.
It takes courage, and saying yes to your next step will only bring you closer to Him.


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July 21, 2024
Summertime Stories

Week 8 | Chris Emmitt

The character of abundant faith is evident in the way we pray and the way we persevere in our relationship with God. When things get tough or don't go the way we want, are you more apt to say God owes me this, or I wonder how God will show himself through this situation?
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June 30, 2024
Summertime Stories

Week 5 | Chris Emmitt

While living reconciled in all relationships is ideal, it is not always wise. Forgiveness is about releasing someone from the hurt they caused. When we don't forgive, bitterness can take root, and we may hold onto anger or think we can extract something from the offender. Ultimately, by not forgiving, we give power to the person who wronged us.
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Ruth's story illustrates restoration through her redeemer, not by her own efforts. Her lost home, husband, and hope were all restored in ways she couldn't have imagined, showcasing God's power in restoring what was broken or lost.
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Miracles in Mark

An enriching series on the Gospel of Mark, centered on its miraculous accounts! We will learn the significance of these miracles, inviting reflection and inspiration for our lives today.
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Christmas at Local

Jesus’ birth is the beginning of the end of sin and death. We needed a mighty God, a valiant warrior to conquer sin and death!
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Local Church Forsyth Team

Meet the Local Church Forsyth team. We are here to help you take unique next steps as you consider how God is calling you to serve and fully follow Jesus.

Chris Emmitt

Senior Pastor
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Tom Boisclair

Associate Pastor
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Luke Freiburg

Generations Director
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Catherine Lorence

Kids Director
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