Week 7: Jesus Walks on Water

Read: Mark 6:45-52

Reflect: In this scripture, before the disciples witness this miracle, you see a God who sees and cares for His children. While Jesus was on the shore, far beyond the sight of His disciples in the boat, He saw them painfully making headway against the wind. When you are in the midst of the most treacherous storms of life, it can seem like all hope is lost and your savior is nowhere to be found. But this is feeling, not fact. Your savior is not far off. You are within the sight of your Savior. And your Savior is not displeased by your lack of advance in the storm. He sees the winds blowing against you as you attempt to walk in Godliness. He knows what it’s like to be against the wind, and He knows the temptation you face to lay down and stop rowing. For this reason, He comes to you. And He doesn’t appear mystically next to you or floating in from above. He walks on the water towards you, proving to you the storms of life sit under his feet. You need not be afraid.

Next Step: God sees you rowing against the wind. He knows the difficulty and the temptation you face. He also knows this is a healthy tension where your faith has to fight. And if you’re going to fight… you’ll want your equipment ready. What needs a little sharpening in your faith? Where do you need to shake the dust off or clean up? Think through things like your spiritual disciplines, your prayer life, and your accountability. Pinpoint one area this week and get it ready to row!

Pray: Heavenly Father, it astounds me that no storm can rage higher than your feet. Thank you for seeing me and my efforts in the midst of this storm. Help me to continue to fight for your glory here on this Earth and to never forget your nearness to me.

Luke Freiburg
Generations Pastor

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