Local Forsyth Team

Chris Emmitt

Senior Pastor
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Tom Boisclair

Associate Pastor
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Andy Rice

Facilities Technician
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Catherine Lorence

Kids Director
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Chris Anderson

Facilities Staff
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Cole Grayson

Generations Creative Director
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Jaime Deeb

Preschool Director
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Kaitlyn Tyler

Generations Strategy Pastor
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Lauren Dukes

Database Director
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Lisa Ferrell

Kids Ministry Coordinator
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Luke Freiburg

Generations Director
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Raymond Frank

Generations Teaching Director
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Staci Brown

K-3rd Grade Coordinator
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Shelly Johnson

Worship Director
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Our Multi-Church Team

Chris Emmitt

Senior Pastor
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Andi Pirtle

Communications Director
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Brooke Caesar

Multi-Church Specialist
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Casey Ross

Executive Pastor of
Ministry Strategy
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Lauren Dukes

Database Director
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Mandi Holcombe

NextGen Pastor
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Ronna Roth

Business Director
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Bill Williams

Director of Generosity
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Corey Naquin

Executive Pastor
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Randy Ongie

Chief Financial Officer
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