Local Church uses its resources and equips people to help others start and grow their faith in Jesus and meet needs in Jesus’ name. We do this locally, in the United States, and around the world in three unique ways:

1. Planting and supporting local churches.

2. Supporting organizations that meet needs and/or make disciples in their local community.

3. Leading people to live out their faith in Jesus in their local community.

We partner with like-minded churches, missionaries, ministries, and organizations to do this effectively. Every summer, we select who we will partner with during the upcoming school year.

Love Local

We love to Love Local because we don’t want to be a church that only serves and loves those inside our walls. We want to love and serve our community. That’s a massive part of being a Local Church.

So far this season, we’ve tallied up an incredible 1,028 gifts and wrapping items for The Place of Forsyth, making their Holiday House shopping experience even brighter. Your generosity is truly making a difference!