Bible Studies

Local Church wants to help you fully follow Jesus.

To fully follow Jesus, we believe a person needs to have a faith in Jesus that is growing…a trust in Jesus that is consistently increasing.

A Bible study is a great way to learn the Bible so you can apply the Bible in ways that cause you to trust Jesus more. Bible studies meet the length of the study.

If you have not started your faith in Jesus or are brand new to faith in Jesus, we have a Bible study just for you.

Bible Training

Seminary content without seminary stress.

Are you seeking to deepen your biblical knowledge and grow in your discipleship journey? Join a supportive community of fellow learners as we explore the riches of God’s Word together. With quick, affordable, and exam-free biblical training, it’s a streamlined seminary alternative for those with limited time, resources, or access. 

Classes begin March 14, 2024
6:30 p.m. at Local Church Forysth