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Come and draw from the deep well of the love of Jesus! Join us for a weekend of authentic worship, dynamic speakers, and other real women from our community. Dig into scripture with us to learn the “how to’s” of Loving Like Jesus in our everyday lives: in the workplace, in our closest relationships, in difficult circumstances, in our communities, and much more. Leave with a full heart and a toolbox that is equipped to live out Loving Like Jesus.

Conference Details

When: Friday & Saturday, August 16–17
Where: Local Church Forsyth

Registration Includes:

  • Admission to Event
  • Conference Tote Bag
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Coffee, Water & Snacks 
  • Light Breakfast on Saturday
  • Lunch on Saturday
  • Giveaways


Conference Speakers

Breanna Emmitt

Founder of The Well Gathering

We have four kids ages 9 through 16. Arguing, pranking, and crankiness are a common occurrence (please tell me I’m not alone)… but when we get to laughing about something and/or have a great time together, all six of us at once, those are the moments I live for.

We live in a world of ever-increasing distractions, so to see women come to the Well to gather, worship, laugh, and realign their hearts with God makes me so full of gratitude and joy I could just about burst. I consider it one of God’s greatest gifts to me that I get to be a part of the Well.

You can’t control and fix everything… or anything, actually. Learn to give it to God sooner rather than later.

A good meal followed by sitting outside with my husband and watching the kids run around the yard.

This is hard to choose! Besides Jesus, of course, I have always loved David. The shepherd boy turned king was real, raw, faithful, fearless, and passionate. Like all of us, he made some great choices and some terrible ones, too. Through it all, his desperation for God was palpable and unyielding.

I grew up barrel racing horses and those are some of my favorite memories of my childhood.

Karen Stubbs

Founder of Birds on a Wire Moms

My family brings me joy, especially my grandchildren. I have four children and six grandchildren, and I love hanging out with everyone and doing life together. I also love sitting on the beach reading a good book.

I love pouring into moms and bringing them encouragement in their motherhood journey.  Listening to moms over the years, and then hearing them reconnecting with their Heavenly Father through Birds on a Wire, is a real joy for me. I am honored God allows me to do what I do.

Trust God through it all. Trust that He loves you, wants the best for you and will use everything in your life, the good and the hard, for His glory.

My perfect evening consists of putting on my pj’s early, popping some popcorn, watching a Hallmark type of movie with my little dog Barkley by my side. (If Greg, my husband is home, the same thing, but not a Hallmark movie, probably a detective type of show)

There are so many! I mean the obvious choice is Jesus because without Him we wouldn’t have a relationship with God. But, other than Jesus, I would say Joseph. I love his story. Joseph stayed true to his character and faith in God through some very difficult circumstances. Despite being in prison, he kept his faith in God and worked hard, earning favor among men. Joseph’s true act of love came when he forgave his brothers after their betrayal. Throughout his life, Joseph trusted that God had a bigger plan, which is a true test of his character.

I moved to Forysth Country when I was in the 7th grade. I attended Otwell Middle School and Forsyth County High School which is now Central. I lived in the south end of the county, where a phone call to Cumming was long distance. I didn’t get to talk on the phone with all my friends in high school because it was too expensive. I had an “Atlanta” line, and was known as the “city girl”.

Fran LaMattina, PhD

MCC, Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant

I love what I feel called to do: bring out the best in others…whether it’s business colleagues, clients, family of the community. I also love to cook and practice hospitality, especially in my new home in Dothan, Alabama.

I love to help others discover what God put them on the earth to do and flourish in it. I also love to help people eliminate the habits and blind spots that prevent them from being fully alive.

Start reading more broadly and apply what I learn more quickly.

I enjoy relaxing at home over a flavorful, healthy meal with friends.

I love Mary because she pondered the things in her heart that the angel told her. I love to ponder things in my heart to connect with the Holy Spirit and receive God’s mind on my questions.

That I’m a late bloomer, and I have learned that it’s never too late to change and become more of the person God designed me to be.

Debbie Garrett

Bible Teacher

I love being with my family, especially when we can all be together, since I have two married kids and five grandkids in CO and one married daughter and two grandkids here in Cumming, GA. We love when we can all get to the beach at the same time. I also love teaching women the Bible. I am passionate about everyone getting to know Jesus more through knowing His Word and learning how to live that out. Our Bible is an amazing interweaving and interconnecting of God’s love and plan for us that gives us hope and direction for everyday living! Recently, I was at the beach with my family and came back to teach Revelation at Church, and I thought that week was the culmination of all my passions: family, beach, teaching the Bible, and seeing women grow in the Word!

God gave us His Word so we could know Him, His love, His plan for us, and our future. Why would we not want to know all of that? It’s really mind-blowing to think about.

Stop taking yourself so seriously and learn to laugh at yourself.

Chilling on the couch with my hubby and dogs and watching a good action/comedy movie.

This is probably a lame answer, but God is my favorite person, as in the three persons of the Trinity. I just can’t get over that He loves us, made a way for us to be in relationship with Him, and desires to be with us so much that He is coming again and literally moving heaven and hell to make that happen. Who else loves us that much?

I love to cook, entertain, walk my dogs, be outside, and play the flute (but only for myself, no one else).

Kimberly McLeod

Elementary School Counselor, Licensed Professional Counselor

Hugging elementary schoolers, being at the lake with my husband and three boys, reading a great book, walking on the greenway, and laughing with friends.

An elementary school is one of the happiest places around! I love to laugh with these kids and make school feel like a safe and happy place. I also love that God gave me the ability to sit with hurting individuals, help them process the hard things, and find the strength and joy to move forward.

Worry less – let the adults handle the adult things, and you will enjoy all the kid things!

Somebody doing the dishes for me ( that I left in the sink from the night before), picking up dinner, and sitting on the porch eating and chatting with my family.

Peter – he is very passionate and impulsive and battled fear (all characteristics similar to myself) but God decided to use his weaknesses and his bold personality to become a Rock upon which to build the kingdom. God is so good at using our weaknesses to bring Himself glory!

In my mind, I am the best dancer in the room.


Friday, August 16

Saturday, August 17