Week 3: Jesus Calms the Storm

Read: Mark 4:35-41

Reflect: Have you ever wondered if Jesus really cares? We’ve all felt this insecurity and concern. Even Jesus’ disciples wondered this. And they walked around with him every day. One day, in the middle of what felt like a crisis, they asked Jesus a direct and, what felt like to them, urgent question, “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re going to drown?”

Someone you love is hurting. A situation around you feels overwhelming. And we question whether Jesus cares. We want a miracle.

This time, Jesus calmed the storm. He gave the disciples the miracle they wanted. We get the miracle we want…sometimes. Other times, we get something else. And there are times when we get what seems like nothing at all.

It’s okay to ask for a miracle. Asking the question causes you to trust Jesus more. Trusting Jesus with the answer to your request causes you to trust Jesus more. Keep asking. The miracle may or may not come. But your faith in Jesus will grow. As your faith grows, you will trust Jesus more, and others will notice and take steps to trust Jesus more.

Next Step: Life is complicated on the best days. In what situation do you want to see God do a miracle? Ask Him for the miracle. Trust Him with the outcome. Let others know you are asking for a miracle and trusting Jesus no matter what.

Pray: Heavenly Father, would you please do what only You can do? I trust You with the outcome, but I would love for you to _____. Thank You that I can trust You even in the most difficult situations. Thank You for caring about me and this situation.

Casey Ross
Executive Pastor of Ministry Strategy

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