Week 2: Jesus Heals on the Sabbath

Read: Mark 2:27, Mark 3:1-6

Reflect: In Mark 3, Jesus was fully aware of the Pharisees’ stringent Sabbath rules, yet intentionally chose this day to perform a miraculous healing. Jesus restored a man’s shriveled hand, not a life-saving act, although it endangered Jesus’ life, but why? To emphasize a critical truth – need knows no calendar. Jesus was not endorsing anarchy but challenged the Pharisees’ burdening additions to God’s law. Their intricate rules and regulations, which dictated even the minutest activities, stood in stark contrast to the simplicity of God’s original command to honor the Sabbath. Jesus emphasized that His healing acts were not a violation but in line with the true meaning of the Sabbath, reinforcing the idea that the Sabbath was intended to provide physical and mental restoration for us.

Mark 3 shows us that even the Pharisees believed in Jesus’ power to perform miracles. But the response of the religious leaders, trapped in their stubbornness despite witnessing undeniable divine power, serves as a cautionary tale. It prompts reflection on the importance of aligning our beliefs with the timeless truths of Scripture versus the misdirection of manmade traditions.

In contrast to the Pharisees, pay close attention to a subtle detail in this passage. Jesus instructed the man saying, “Stretch out your hand.” The man stretched out his hand and, as a result, experienced complete restoration. (Mark 3:5) The man demonstrates visible faith and obedience prior to receiving a miracle. While not every miracle in the Bible is preceded by obedience, this instance emphasizes the power of responding to the call of Jesus.

Next Step: The Sabbath, though no longer obligatory, is still an invitation today–to experience restoration, extend compassion, and reflect on the goodness of God. How can you incorporate practical strategies into your weekly routine to prioritize worship, prayer, and Scripture reading?

Think about the man stretching out his hand. It prompts us to reflect on our own lives — are there areas where a step of faith or obedience could pave the way for restoration?

Pray: “Father, thank you for preserving the documentation of Jesus’ healing on the Sabbath. Guide me to embrace the timeless truths of the Sabbath, not as a duty but as a promise of rest and connection with You. Help me respond with visible faith to the outstretched hand of Jesus and show me my next step of faith. Amen.”

Andi Pirtle
Multi-Church Communications Director

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